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Roster updates in Apeks Rebels


We are pleased to introduce our latest additions, Philip “Philip” Løseth and Markus “markow” Otterstad, who are joining us from Bitfix Gaming. Philip will lead the team as our new coach, while Markus steps into the roster, filling the shoes of “sense” during his trial period with the main team. Both Philip and Markus have committed to short-term contracts lasting until the end of 2023.

  • I am happy to get the chance with Apeks Rebels and I am looking forward to leading this team to the playoffs in the Norwegian league, “GGligaen”. Even though it’s a short term contract for now, I will do all i can to show how well we can do in the short time frame, says Philip Løseth, the new coach of Rebels.

With “sense” still trialing for the main team we had to find a Norwegian player to replace him in Rebels.

  • The decision to bring in “markow” comes from the unique situation where “sense” is undergoing a trial with our main team. We are committed to ensuring that Apeks Rebels can maintain their active practice and competitive presence. We’ve had our eyes on “markow” before, so we are excited to see what he can bring to the table, says CS-manager, Kenneth Johansen.

Apeks Rebels are now:

  • Tapewaare
  • berzerk
  • markow
  • Q-Q
  • bq
  • Philip (coach)

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