Our role is to be a supporting big brother in the industry.

Our story

The dream of Apeks started in 2017. Counter-Strike athlete Anders Kjær was fed up with the junk clubs and empty promises of a chaotic industry. The amateur team Kingpins was created and played an exciting and demanding first year with both ups and downs. In 2018, it escalated when the team emerged victorious in the Telenor League. Interest in Kingpins grew. On January 1. 2019, the team got picked up by ProUnite and brought to Apeks. The new group has a wide range of experience in e-sports and linear sports and is determined to make its mark. By supporting talented players with large game rooms and a professional support system, Apeks aims to create excellent entertainment value.

Who are we

The staff at Apeks are previous players who have worked with linear sports before. We know what it takes to get Norwegian e-sports the attention it deserves. Apeks views itself as a supporting big brother for the players. We push the players to reach their potential with humor, heart, and enthusiasm. We are there to explain the game and what it entails to parents and other outsiders to get everyone on board. We don’t take ourselves too seriously, but we are always serious about the sport and what we bring to the table. We live and breathe e-sport and back our players through whatever may come.

What we do

Apeks sets the standard for e-sports in Norway. We professionalize the industry and develop new talents. We build strong teams that support each other and create great entertainment. Apeks brings together the most promising players and lets them develop their talent by following them closely and ensuring that the technology is always on point. In Apeks, e-sports is a way of life. We believe in a balanced everyday life with both mental and physical exercise. We expect our players to invest all their effort, skill, and determination into becoming the best.

Core principles

We are uncompromising, have clear expectations, and lead by example. Our goal is to build a close-knit environment where everyone can feel at home. We take care of our people and believe in the teams we have chosen. We also strive to be down-to-earth and easygoing. Apeks is a club you can trust.

Changing the game

We want to change the perception of e-sport in Norway, ensuring that e-sports gets the attention it deserves.