Announcement: Apeks Rebels

We are excited and happy to announce our new project in Apeks – Apeks Rebels! This is an academy-project starting with CS:GO. We want to help players become better, and we want to be a part of player development in Norway. We are going all-in on this project with a full-time coach and a whole team of people around the Rebels.

– The idea for an academy team has been part of the Apeks identity since Kingpins’ time. When we chose to close it down in the fall of 2019, it was with a heavy heart. At the time, we did not have the time or the resources to give an academy team the attention it needed to grow the team or the players into something extraordinary. Finally, the pieces have fallen into place, and we can again bring the idea of an academy team back to life. It is enjoyable to start up this project again as it is so close to our hearts. Our goal is to develop the future stars in CS:GO, says CEO in Apeks, Denise Anfinnsen. Apeks Rebels will be the start of a power team featuring talent from Norway.

– Our focus will be on developing incredible talents within Norwegian Counter-Strike. The goal is to end up with a Norwegian power team! It can take a year or three, but we believe we will get there with dedicated and targeted work, says Head of esports, Anders Kjær.

With Apeks Rebels close around the corner, we are now searching for potential players. Some will be picked through open applications found on our website, and others will be headhunted.

In terms of players, we are looking for technically promising talents that have a real understanding of the game. They have to be eager to learn and have high ambitions. We will, of course, have fun in the process, but players have to be prepared to be top performance athletes with all that entails. Anders points out that this dedication is a prerequisite for getting players to the level we need them to succeed internationally.

We wish every applicant good luck!