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Author: kenneth

A message from Apeks

Dear Apeks fans, We know how much Apeks means to you all, as it does to us. Today, we find ourselves in a position where we must share some important updates about our journey forward. In light of challenging economic circumstances, we are taking decisive steps to secure the future of our company. As part of this strategy, we are

Apeks transfer list entire CS2 roster

In a bold move aimed at reshaping the future of the Counter-Strike division of Apeks, the Board has decided to start a comprehensive rebuild plan. The decision comes after a thorough evaluation of the team’s performance and a commitment to long-term success. Effective immediately, all players and coaches in our CS2 team, have been placed on the transfer list. This

Apeks Rebels Welcomes Two Young Prodigies

We are excited to announce the signing of two promising young talents, Julius “Junyme” Nymann Meyhoff and Jonas “Boye” Østergaard to our Apeks Rebels lineup. The signing of “Junyme” and “Boye” in the Apeks Rebels roster marks a shift towards a scandinavian focus for the Apeks Rebels team. The Rebels project is committed to providing a supportive and developing environment


Finally we can announce the official transition of Ådne “sense” Fredriksen, from a trial position to a permanent member of our CS roster. This strategic decision stems from sense’s performance throughout the trial period and his role within the team, especially as we prepare for the eagerly awaited CS2 Copenhagen Major.  Been a part of Apeks Rebels since 2021 “sense”

Welcome, Dennis Rytter

We are excited to announce the appointment of Dennis Rytter as its new Head Coach for Apeks Rebels. With this change, Philip, the former Head Coach, will transition to the role of Assistant Coach to support the team’s development under Rytter’s leadership. Rytter brings a wealth of experience working with academy teams coming into Apeks Rebels, having showcased great development

The Return of Martin «STYKO» Styk

Today we can announce the return of Martin “STYKO” Styk to our CS roster at Apeks. His rejoining of the team signifies a strategic move by the organization to secure our RMR spot for the upcoming Major. Martin initially joined Apeks in January 2022 and was taken out of the roster on October 4, 2023. STYKO played a crucial role

«kyxsan» departure

After an impactful one-year tenure at Apeks, Damjan «kyxsan» Stoilkovski is departing the club to join another project. “kyxsan” has been bought out of his contract at Apeks and will depart the club with immediate effect. We take immense pride in Damjan ‘kyxsan’ Stoilkovski’s journey with Apeks, witnessing his growth as a person and as an IGL. Our highlight together

Anders Kjær assumes new role as COO at Apeks

Today, Apeks can proudly announce the transition of Anders Kjær from his former role as Head of Esports to the position of Chief Operating Officer (COO). This transition signifies a shift in the company’s operational structure, aligning with a growing emphasis on sustainability and comprehensive business development. The change to the COO role serves as a more accurate reflection of

“nawwk” signs for two more years

Today, it is with great excitement that we can announce the extension of our AWPer, Tim “nawwk” Jonasson, until the conclusion of 2025. Since joining us in January 2022, “nawwk” has undeniably been a key player for the team contributing significantly to our success, both on and off the server. Tim will continue to be an integral part of our

Welcome, Mia Stellberg

We are thrilled to announce the newest addition to the Apeks family, Mia Stellberg, as our Sports Psychologist. Mia will be an integral part of our CS team and work with us until the end of the Copenhagen Major. This signing signifies a significant leap for Apeks as we continue to prioritize the mental and emotional well-being of our players,