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Centane is a 21-year-old content creator from Norway and Dominican Republic. She is a certified nursing assistant but has now moved to become a full-time content creator while also working on her bachelor within PR and marketing. Centane is a variety streamer that loves to try out new games, but often falls back to her roots in FPS games.

Centane does a lot of charity fundraisers and are today partnered with Save the Children, Norwegian Refugee Council and Make-A-Wish Norway!

She uses her platform to also spread awareness of harassment in games towards both men and women. 

Johan is a fully Norwegian FIFA and lifestyle YouTuber who currently boasts over 45,000 subscribers on YouTube. He initiated his YouTube career as an esports player and has taken part in international tournaments such as DreamHack, in addition to securing a bronze medal in his domestic league.

Johan demonstrates a strong commitment to boys’ mental health and isn’t hesitant to share his thoughts and viewpoints with his viewers.

About :
Marrentm is a 21 year old content creator from Norway. For the last 5 years he´s been making videos on how to improve as a competitive Fortnite player, and recently also started a series where he puts his own tips to the test. Marrentm´s passion is helping others achieve their dreams and aspirations!

He hopes to do just that with his YouTube, Twitch and other social media’s. You can find him live every day on Twitch if there’s anything you wanna talk/ask about!