We are kicking it up a notch! Say hello and welcome to Adam Ezzari! You might recognize this handsome face from «Skam» or you might have heard some of his music. Well, now he is an official triple threat as we have signed him as our new content creator for our FIFA department! 

CEO Denise Anfinnsen says:

«We wanted to add a content creator to our FIFA department and Adam was a great fit for us. He has great values and will bring an extra spark to the club. He brings great enthusiasm, joy, excitement and his own flair to the content department. Adam is a creative mind and wants to bring all of his creativity into Apeks and the FIFA team.

We are always looking at creative souls to add to our team so we will probably add to the content team in the future.»

Ezzari has high goals for 2022 in regards to content production and his contribution to the club. 

«I love using my platform. I love being a voice, and I strive to be a good role model. I feel my biggest addition to the content department is my streams being an open place where everyone is allowed, no matter who you are and where you come from. 

Growing up in the suburbs of Oslo, me and my friends always felt different, and not always welcomed. This has made one of my main goals in life, making others feel good about themselves, and help them be the best version of themselves.» Ezzari says.