He is back! Jkaem x Apeks 2.0

He rises like a phoenix  from the ashes and we can proudly announce that Joakim «jkaem» Myrbostad is back. A year has gone and we have once more made a deal with the Norwegian legend! Welcome back jkaem!

Head of Esports Anders Kjær says:
«We obviously had a challenging situation a year ago, but we discussed it together and felt that we all could move forward from that. Nothing has changed in our thoughts of jkaem as a player. There was a reason that we signed him then, and there is a reason we are signing him again now. I could not be more excited to bring him back and show everyone what we can do together.»

The goals for 2022 are set both for the CS:GO main team and the club as a whole. We are reaching high and are highly motivated to get started.

«Jkaem will do what he does best, entryfrag and be a playmaker. He is the oldest and most experienced in the team, but still has a talent for the game. He has a wild x-factor and we know he will step up at the right moment.»

Joakim says that he is here to stay and help us get Apeks where it belongs.
«The decision to go back to Apeks has a number of reasons. First of all, it’s a very good organization, that has good values and wants to become the best. Second and most importantly the fact that they wanted me back, and to put the past behind us, and look forward, made it clear for me that this is a good place to go!

My thoughts on going back have been a mixed bag of feelings. I wasn’t sure if this could or would ever happen, but I am very glad that it did. So now I am pretty stoked about the upcoming year! I am here to stay, to grind, to do everything I can to get Apeks as high as possible!»

The club is thrilled to have «jkaem» back and we have big plans for the coming year.

«Joakim is a great player with a lot of experience playing within tier 1. We are building a team in which we have high expectations and with that, we need players who are committed and want to do the work, Joakim is one of those players. Our goals for the main CS:GO roster this year are to get into the top 20 and stabilize there. We have put together a hard-working and hungry roster so I am excited to see how far we can come in a short

amount of time.» Says CEO Denise Anfinnsen