Hello, this is your new captain speaking!

As we grow and evolve, we have now added a new head coach to our staff. Introducing, all the way from Poland, Jakub “kuben” Gurczyński. He will be taking over the levers and setting a new course for the main team. 

 The new season will kickstart with two new players and a new head coach – and only one week left until the RMR qualifiers start.

–      In the beginning I want to focus on getting along with all the players and the coaching staff, as well knowing them better individually. Apeks is definitely a team whos full potential has not been unleashed yet. I know the management expects more discipline and order, and I guarantee to bring that to the team. It fits my visions and standards in work ethics, development and building a team culture”, says the new head coach, Jakub “kuben” Gurczyński.

Head of Esports, Anders Kjær, is happy with his new signing.

–      We’re still working towards our goal to be a competitive team at the highest level in Counter-Strike. We know it’s a long way, but it was time to improve our coaching staff with a higher level of expertise. Jakub have both played and coached at the highest level – and we think his experience and visions will make our team significantly stronger”

It will be a hectic period from day 1 – with the team jumping straight into RMR qualifiers and other tournaments, “kuben” want to establish long term success with the team.

–      My main objective is to establish and retain strong team culture and fundamentals which can last long term and help the team reach it’s goals faster. Obviously qualifying for a major is a long term goal which every team dream of, but I do believe that with such a mix of skillful and experienced players, as well as helpful management we are going to achieve it faster than everyone expects, Gurcyńzki continues.

–  I think having two coaches is healthy for the team. Jakub will be our head coach and will have the final word – but he will work closely with Pål “Polly” Kammen. Together they can make a strong coaching staff and split the work between themselves, says Anders Kjær.

The two new players will be announced soon.