We are cooperating with Strømsgodet

We are announcing two new additions to our club! We have signed with professional FIFA – athletes Andreas “Netsix” Bakkan and Jørgen “Joggi97” Haugeland. Both have signed for the whole year.

In addition, we have entered into a partnership with Strømsgodset. Both these players will represent Strømsgodset in “eSerien.” We see a great benefit in using the expertise in Strømsgodset to develop our players. 

-I have arranged our first training camp with the FIFA -players and have begun planning the time leading up to “eSerien”. This is new for the players and a new field for us. We have to work together to find out how we can release the potential of these athletes. I firmly believe that we can achieve great results, says Kenneth Johansen, administrative manager.   

The partnership with Strømsgodset is focused on FIFA. Bakken and Haugeland will play as Strømsgodset – players during “eSerien”. This is a new and exciting area of sport for the club.

-We are delighted with the partnership with Apeks, the best e-sport club in Norway. We consider ourselves lucky to be a part of the rising FIFA -scene in Norway and Apeks. We have ambitious goals, and we think Andreas and Jørgen will represent our club in a great way. E-sport has grown fast in the last few years. We see commercial possibilities in this area, both for our partners and us, says Lasse Ulriksen, head of E-sport at Strømsgodset.