Norwegian champions spring 2019

On the 26. of May, we became Norwegian champions in Counter-Strike after winning the finals against Nordavind. Everyone was expecting Nordavind to beat us. It ended up being a 50/50 – game, like last year, where we also ended up being champions. 

After a weak semifinal against Riddle, the stage was set. Apeks against Nordavind. The raining champions against a team that was eager for revenge. 

-It is important to us to facilitate travels and competitions for the players. Our team ran around fixing everything that needed to be fixed. We want to professionalize e-sport, and making sure the players are taken care of is a big part of that, says Kenneth Johansen – administrative manager. 

Because of many delays and technical issues, it ended up being a nerve-wracking session for both players and the audience. We have worked on the mental aspects of the game. The players were prepared for fun, ready to win. Delays can lead to a lack of focus.

-I am so proud of what we gave achieved in the TeliaLeague. When things don’t go according to plan, the team’s mental strength is quite impressive, says CEO Denise Anfinnsen.

We lost 5-26 at Inferno against a stronger Nordavind. At Overpass, we got a solid lead in the start, then it turned. We ended up winning 19-16 after playing overtime. The last map was Mirage, where we prevailed against Nordavind 16-9. The clock turned 23.11, and we were raining Norwegian champions yet again.  

This win is proof that we are doing something right. We still need to make changes and focus even more on CS in the future, says CEO Denise Anfinnsen.