Olympic Hero becomes Esport Director

Thomas Alsgaard becomes Sports Director for the Norwegian esports team Apeks.

– I know enough about esport to know they are not fully professional athletes. It is not enough to just be
good at what you do, says the 49-year old with five olympic gold medals, six world championship golds
and seven national championship titles in his trophy cabinet.

Will make esports acceptable

Apeks is strengthening their international efforts with the appointment of Alsgaard and has a clear expectation about what he brings to the table.

– Thomas brings a winning mentality and mental strength that we need. He can also help make gaming in general more accepted and understood by the average person, says Apeks CEO Denise Anfinnsen.

Alsgaard has over 30 years behind him as a top athlete and knows what is required to be among the best of the

– It all comes down to the fact that one day has 24 hours, and how you spend those 24 hours every single
day. Everything you do throughout your day should only have one single purpose: Become a better player;
nothing less, he explains.

Focusing on nutrition and sleep

Alsgaard first got interested in gaming when he met Norwegian Radiopersonality and Apeks co-owner Niklas Baarli during the recording of the Norwegian tv show “71 degrees north” in 2019.

– Niklas has a desire to talk about how small cross country skiing is and how big esports is. He constantly
points out how bad cross country skiers are, and how professional and great esport athletes are, Alsgaard

When he now enters the gaming-world, he is not looking to compare the two but rather finding common ground.

– A common thing is that many young people spend a lot of time gaming, and want to master it. That is a brilliant base. What do they need in addition to the joy of playing, that can make them perform better?, he asks rhetorically – and answers himself.

– Maybe there is something to gain with better nutrition and a focus on sleep and restitution time.

His engagement as Sports Director is 1.5 years to begin with. Alsgaard is determined to go step by step with helping the team, he will not make a sudden drastic change.

– When I was an active athlete I had consultants tell me what I should and should not do, that never worked. I’m humble towards the work that I will now begin with. Together we must find our optimal route, he says.