Our rebels will no longer stay together as a five

We are sad to announce that our Rebels will no longer stay together as a five.

After what was nothing short of a fantastic performance in Philadelphia there has been some attraction towards players in the team. As a result of this both Trax and Sly will leave the Apeks Rebels project.

Our Rebels will conclude this Telialigaen season as their final tournament together, but the everyday practice and other tournaments are cancelled. This is a sad ending to what we imagined would be a real breakthrough season of them. In the near future, we will focus on building what will be Apeks Rebels 2.0. We have great confidence in this project and will still be working towards creating the heroesof tomorrow.

We will not be contacting other teams regarding roster changes until the regular season ends, as we do not wish the same instability on other teams towards the end of a season.

Regarding transfers midseason we want to achieve more predictability, therefore we will invite all teams in Telialigaen to create guidelines that will benefit everyone.