Parting ways with our FIFA team

Today we announce our departure from the FIFA competitive scene. FIFA was one of our first titles, and we have loved our time in the game. We created a lot of great memories together with the players we have worked with. We do not see a clear way forward for the FIFA competitive scene, so the only option we had is to close the division. 

Andreas Bakken was our first ever FIFA player – and his year started with a great victory at Copenhagen Games 2019. Since then, we’ve had multiple tenure with football clubs to participate in eSerien – the official Norwegian FIFA league, without reaching the success we wanted. 

The highlight came recently, when Benjamin “Kongbenjamin” Lorentzen was close to qualifying to the world championships in FIFA22, but unfortunately COVID came in the way and destroyed his chances of qualifying. 

A special thanks goes out to all our current and previous FIFA players, thank you for your time and contribution to Apeks.