Player switch in PUBG

Today we’re going to make a change in our PUBG team. Levi «Ivel» Haakenstad Sørensen is moved to the bench, and Aleksander «TekkerZ» Handeland is taking his position. Handeland previously played with GameFraym.

– After a long period of varied results and stagnating growth, we have decided to change our team dynamic. We felt the team had reached its potential with our current roster, and we were looking for ways to improve, says coach Simen «Bobbotolf» Tveten.

Handeland is taking on the position with immediate effect. His debut will be PSL Elisa Esports PUBG Winter Challenge – one of the invited teams—starting on Monday 18. January.

– «TekkerZ» was the first name that came to mind for everyone on the team. We have been friendly for years in the Norwegian community, and we’ve watched him grow to become a great player. We knew he would bring a lot of game knowledge, skill, and enthusiasm to our team.

The current roster looks like this:

* Simen «Bobbotolf» Tveten (Coach)

* Erik «Simsy» Gravrok

* Sturla «IntenZ» Hoberg

* Jonas «C4LVIN» Sørvik

* Aleksander «TekkerZ» Handeland