ProUnite invests in Kingpins

ProUnite invests heavily in Kingpins. Our goal for this partnership is to build Norway’s number one e-sport team. Our long-time goal is to be a competitor on the international scene. The company will operate under the name ProUnite Esport AS. 

The project is an important step towards professionalizing e-sport in Norway. We wish to create a good environment for our players. With a wide range of experience from different industries, we are confident that we will build a solid foundation for the future. 

– ProUnite faces an exciting time with this new development. Together with the founders of Kingpin, we will continue to grow, creating a safe and inclusive environment for e-sport players. E-sport is rapidly changing. We are so excited for the times to come, says the “soon to be” CEO Denise Annfinnsen. 

– It is hard to stop smiling nowadays. This is proof that hard work and a clear strategy pay off in the end. We now have the power to affect the e-sport positively. We can focus more on what we are good at, e-sport. It has been easy to agree on things. We share the same values and goals. Every meeting has been a positive experience. We are excited about the future, says CEO of Kingpins, Kenneth Johansen.