Say hello to our youngster, “jL”

With the season right around the corner it’s about time to announce a new player in our CS:GO main team. We are excited to finally introduce our fourth player, Justinas “jL” Lekavicius. The 22 year old Lithuanian joins us on a one year contract. 

I choose to sign with Apeks because I really like the lineup and I see a lot of potential in us. This is by far the best looking team I’ve had the chance to play with. I’m grateful for the chance to truly show what I’m capable of”, says the newly signed, “jL”.

His previous year was spent in MAD Lions, alongside our new head coach, Jakub “kuben” Gurczynksi. Now they will work together again.

For me it doesn’t feel like I’m back together with “kuben”, I feel we never left each others side. I’m glad to know he is a pillar I can lean on. He was there from the start of my career and up until this point we never lost faith in each other. So to put it shortly, I’m glad I get to do this with him. 

Head of Esports, Anders Kjær, is extremely satisfied with the signing of the young player.

He is young and hungry, and that’s always good in a team with high ambitions. It’s also a safe player for us to sign since our head coach knew him well from before, so he knows how he can deliver and bring us to new heights.

Being the youngster in a team might be tough for some players – playing alongside more experienced players. Lekavicius feels his contributions will be high within the team.

I will bring a fully dedicated mindset to achieve whatever we put our minds to. I will give it my all, this is a chance that not many players get and I will not fall short on my personal goals. On top of that, I’ll bring the vibes. I will for sure crack a couple of jokes to lift the spirit and the mood in my team. This road might not be easy in the slightest, but the harder we make it for ourselves behind the curtains, the easier it will be with all the lights shining. 

The last player will be announced soon.