Thank you for everything, PUBG!

Going into our fourth year as Apeks and 18 months of PUBG – we have decided to shut down our PUBG department. Last year we stepped into the world of PUBG with some of the biggest names in the Norwegian scene. We did so with great excitement and encouragement – and during these months we had a lot of great memories and some delicious chicken dinners. Now, however, it’s time to move separate ways.

– PUBG has been one of our titles for a long time now and we have had some great showings, but also had troubles finding consistency and some very lackluster performances lately. Personally, I am a bit disappointed with my own management of our PUBG division, as we struggled to find the right structure and ways to work together, says Head of Esports Anders Kjær.

Now moving closer to 2022 we are in a period of restructuring our esports division and looking at other options to expand.

– Closing the PUBG department is something we’re doing with a heavy heart. We love the boys and their commitment, but PUBG is simply not an esport we wish to compete in moving forward. We are also in a period of restructuring and pulling out PUBG is a decision made based on that.

With the whole restructuring, we have set new goals internally and we need to make changes to reach those goals.

– We will continue to build Apeks towards our goals as an international contender, in all titles we compete in, but also as a club we must be smart with how we spend our resources. I am super excited about what we are doing now, and I hope the announcements we have coming up will show how serious we are with our mission.

We thank everyone that has been a part of our PUBG adventure for the time and effort put into the club. We are proud do have had you as part of the team and wish you all the best moving forward.