Meet our new player: Magnus “Hyper” Myhrhaug Kristiansen

Even during the holidays, the work doesn’t stop. Today we can announce our latest addition to the club – Magnus «Hyper» Myrhaug Kristiansen – one of the best FIFA players in Norway. He is a Norwegian champion, previous winner of eSerien, and has participated in several international tournaments.

Myrhaug Kristiansen has signed a contract for the FIFA 21 year.

– First and foremost, Apeks seems like an incredibly nice club. This applies both when it comes to performance and social aspects. This was one of the many reasons I signed for the club. I am looking forward to the collaboration with Andreas and Anders in the upcoming FIFA season. I hope to qualify for more international events, and my goal is the reach the World Cup playoffs.

This will be a blast, says the player himself. Myrhaug Kristiansen will team up with two other big FIFA profiles in Apeks – Andreas «Netsix» Bakken and Anders «Rasmussen» Rasmussen – a deadly trio. The captain, Bakken, is looking forward to the future.

– I think it’s incredibly cool that Magnus has signed with Apeks. We know each other well from the Norwegian national team, and there is no doubt that he is both a brilliant FIFA player and a wonderful person. I look forward to getting started and working together as teammates. I know we can learn a lot from each other and push each other to new heights.

Sports director, Anders Kjær, is looking forward to the signing and says it will be exciting with three FIFA players.

– It’s exciting times for us in Apeks. This is an excellent signing since Magnus is the best FIFA player in Norway. We want to help him reach new heights. It’s interesting and exciting with three FIFA players. I think they will challenge each other. It will be fun to follow the development of all three players in FIFA21.