Welcome, Gulden

We are incredibly proud to announce the appointment of Frederik “Gulden” van Guldener as the General Manager of our VALORANT division. With six years of experience in the esports industry and a background as a team manager, Frederik brings important experience and a wealth of knowledge to the role.

“Reflecting on my years in the esports industry, I have always found the most fulfillment in working closely with a single team. My experience as a team manager has given me the opportunity to provide support to players and help them reach their full potential. During my time with Team Liquid, I was able to develop my skills in business and strategy, allowing me to bring a well-rounded approach to my work. I am eager to apply my expertise and enthusiasm to drive the success of the VALORANT division at Apeks, and to continue growing and learning as a professional in this exciting and dynamic industry.”

VALORANT, developed by Riot Games, has established itself as a top-tier esports with a thriving competitive community and a bright future ahead. Frederik will apply his skills to drive the success of our new VALORANT division at Apeks.

“VALORANT has been able to differentiate itself from other first-person shooter games and appeal to a broad range of players and spectators. Additionally, the game’s developer, Riot Games, has made a significant investment in the competitive scene, providing support and resources to players, teams, and events. The role of General Manager of the VALORANT division at Apeks feels like the perfect fit for me, as it allows me to continue my passion for working closely with a team, while also providing an opportunity to further develop the business strategy. I am truly grateful for the trust that Apeks has placed in me and I am confident that together we will achieve great success.”

Einar Grannes, Business Development Manager at Apeks, reflects on his time working with Gulden at Team Liquid:

“During my own years with Team Liquid, Frederik always stood out as one of those colleagues who’s knowledge and passion elevated everyone around him. Our current VALORANT strategy is a dynamic approach to business and community development, which requires a General Manager with deep understanding of both. I’m incredibly excited to have Frederik help us execute some of our ambitious plans for VALORANT, and equally excited for the fans who will get to experience what we have in store.”