Welcome home, Trax!

We are happy to announce that Preben “Trax” Martinsen is back in Apeks Rebels after a stay in 777 Esports. “Trax” will take a part of the team starting from Monday 13th of March and will be joining Apeks for a trial-period to begin with.

– I am grateful that Apeks is giving me the chance to prove myself again. It will be great to work with the new players in Rebels and to re-unite with “sense” and “mithR”. This is an opportunity I will not take for granted, and I will work hard to prove myself worthy in the team, says Preben “Trax” Martinsen.

With “Trax” entering the line-up – Patrik “Brave” Karlsen will be moved to the bench after our Telialigaen match against Metizport tonight.

– My time in Apeks has been a roller coaster for me, from winning Telialigaen, getting to the finals in Bergen Games and going out in ESEA playoffs early, twice. It has been tough, but I thoroughly enjoyed my time in Apeks, from the beautiful people who work there and a coach that has helped me a lot, and the players who I consider to be my close friends! Although my time in Apeks is over, this is not the end for me. My performance have not been good enough, and I will work hard to fix that coming in to a new team in the future. Thank you again, Apeks. Thanks for everything, says Patrik “Brave” Karlsen.

The performance over the last couple of months has not been as we expected, and a change was in due.

– Change is never easy, and especially not when you have been together for a long time. Patrik is an amazing person and teammate, and has helped the Rebels 2.0 project to become the best team in Norway. Through tough times, Patrik has stayed true to his role within the team and fought alongside all of us to get through to the other side. However, the time for a change has arrived, and even tough we all care and love Patrik, we had to make changes for what we believe will make the team better, says Torbjørn “mithR” Nyborg.

“mithR” has this to say about the new signing.

– I am happy to trial “Trax” again in his old role at the Rebels-project. I always wanted him to stay a part of the team when he decided to leave a little over a year ago, so with a player of his caliber and talent up for grabs, we simply had to go for it, to both use his IGL skills, but also to fit “sense” into a more natural role.

His first game with the line-up will be against Void in Telialigaen 20th of March at 18:00.