Welcome «Kongbenjamin»!

We are ready to announce our new addition to our FIFA roster! Welcome to the family, Benjamin «KongBenjamin» Lorentzen Gjerløw.

With a «MVP» title form last season of eSerien, Benjamin is ready to start a new chapter here at Apeks.
«I’m very happy to sign for Apeks. It really is the best esports team in Norway, and I think it is a really big step for me to sign with them. I will do everything I can to bring glory to this club and make everyone proud.»

He is motivated and has big goals for this season;
«First of all I look forward to represent Apeks in general and I look forward to having a great team around me and to play with «Hyper» in tournaments. I also look forward to see how I can develop as a player and take big steps, just like I did last year. This coming season Im looking forward to LAN tournaments! We didn’t have them last year because of Covid and I really think it will be a fun and good season for all of us!»

Head coach Andreas «Netsix» Bakken says;
«I’m really happy with the signing of Benjamin! I think he already is a great FIFA-player, which he showed by becoming eSerien «MVP» last season. I am sure that he, with the right training and dedication, will become a top international player here at Apeks!»

Going into a new season and transitioning from player to coach has Andreas excited for what’s to come;
«This season is going to be very exciting for the players. EA have shifted its main focus from 1v1 to 2v2, so we are going to practice a lot of 2v2! I am looking forward to seeing Magnus and Benjamin play together, and i think they are a good match. My prediction for the FIFA 22 season is that Apeks is going to show everyone who is the best FIFA team in Norway. In addition, I believe that both our players will contribute with great results Internationally and hopefully qualify for some events!»