Welcome, “Krizzii”!

We are pleased to announce that Kristoffer «Krizzii» Rødland Jelstad has joined our Fortnite ranks on a one-year deal. «Krizzii» is a talented and renowned Fortnite athlete. His future is bright. At only 14, he has already made his mark, especially in Trios. Welcome to the Apeks family «Krizzii»!

Erik «bloodx» Guttormsen will be coaching our newest player and is very excited about our latest signing:

– «Krizzii» is someone I have been following for quite some time. He is always looking to improve in any way he can. He’s young but very mature for his age, which we highly value when picking out talents to work within Apeks. 

He also adds:

– I’m confident that «Krizzii» will continue to grow into a big Norwegian FN star, but also a role model that will represent our country and Apeks in a good way. 

When asked about how «Idrop» and «Krizzii» will work together, Guttormsen said;

– In Fortnite, it’s slightly different from how players within the same organization work together. Most players talk and hang out with their respective trios regarding comp-practice, but there are VOD reviews, creative gameplay, customs, sharing ideas. These are some of the fields they will work on together. When Covid 19 changes, we can go to Oslo to add different work methods and grow together.

«Krizzii» himself is super excited to start working towards his goals, becoming one of the world’s best Fortnite players.

– I chose to sign with Apeks because I wanted to try something new. I believe I can develop myself as a player here. Apeks also has a good reputation in the Fortnite scene, so I feel safe when playing for them. I have known both «Bloodx» and «Idrop» for a while, and they are good people that will do anything to become the best. That is the reason I think we will work well together. My ambition is to become one of the world’s best players and be a full-time gamer. 

«Krizzi» is playing the FNCS S16 qualifier tonight.