Welcome to Apeks, chawzyyy!

Another piece of the puzzle has now fallen into place as we welcome «chawzyyy» to the club. You might not know of this young man, but trust us when we say that he is a star in the making! Welcome to Apeks Hugo «chawzyyy» Günther.

«Hugo is young and inexperienced, but still already showing a very high level. He will bring hunger and a fresh mind to the team.»

Joining the lineup with «jkaem», «nawwk», «acilion» and «???», he is already in good company. Going into a lineup with great names isn’t always easy and Head of Esports Anders Kjær is determined to let «chawzyyy» find his own way.

«One thing we have been very clear about is that we will give Hugo the room to become a great player. He will not be locked away in a corner (playing anchor positions on all maps), but given the space and freedom to define his own playstyle.»

Hugo is ready for this next step in his career and is hungry to learn more from his colleagues.

«It feels good to sign with Apeks because I know I’m gonna get the right tools to become better as a player. We have all the chances to improve as a team as well, which I think is very important in order to become the best. This is the first time I will play for an organization with bootcamps and a lot of structure so I am really excited.

«I think these players will bring me a lot of knowledge and I feel like this is the next step for me. Hopefully, we can climb the rankings and win! I will make sure I am always prepared for every challenge!»

Anders is ready to start this new era in the Apeks tales
«Change and development always come from the young. We must allow them to think differently, and even though Hugo has a lot to learn from the more experienced players, the others need to learn from him as well and allow new perspectives.»

Let the games begin