Welcome to Apeks, «nawwk»!

It has taken some time with a full rebuild of our roster, but finally the 2nd piece of the puzzle is ready, the swedish star AWP’er «nawwk»!

Tim «nawwk» Jonasson has made the transition from NiP to Apeks, ready to join Acilion in our team moving forward. Tim is eager to get started with the work required to succeed;

«I’m looking forward to starting playing again. It’s been about 8 months since I played my last official game with NiP and sitting on the bench has both been a good and bad learning experience. Apeks seems like a great organization to represent, and I can only say amazing things about them. Their management seems to have a really good understanding of how they want to work and establish themselves.»

Making the transition from NiP to Apeks is a fresh start for “nawwk” and he is going to be an important piece in building our new CS:GO roster. 

«Starting from scratch will be a great feeling. It sure does mean we need to work a lot harder to get where we want to be. But it also brings a ton of motivation from every possible angle. All the players are coming from different teams, so we will have a lot of experience from different scenarios and be able to help and give feedback to each other. »

Head of Esports, Anders Kjær has expressed great excitement with the signing.

«nawwk is a tier 1 awp’er, that has still to show everyone how good he is. Signing an awp’er of this caliber is something I’m incredibly happy about. It is, in my opinion, together with the IGL, the most important piece of the puzzle in building a team. In NiP he was benched when they bought Dev1ce, and I know he wants to prove that he can be just as good.»

Anders has clear goals for our new squad and knows what he is looking for.

«People that are willing to commit 100% to becoming the best that they can be. There will be no room for slacking or holding back. If you join us you are expected to spend every hour of every single day in the best possible way, to become the best in the world.»