Welcome, zpikey!

Once again, we can expand our family and prove how serious we are about putting Norwegian esports on the map! We are proud to have Einar «zpikey» Grannes join our team as Business Development Manager.

Einar has gained an incredible amount of experience and skill from working in the esports industry for such a long time. The fact that he has decided Apeks should be his next home is so awesome. His work and passion will help Apeks become a future-oriented and viable business. Trading in his Liquid Jersey and joining us could not have been an easy decision, but one we welcome with open arms. 

«When I first started working for Team Liquid we were around 30 employees. Now, the company has grown to more than 300 talented staff and built huge facilities around the world. It has been an incredible ride with many ups and downs, and a lot of memories that I will always cherish. 

Apeks is an organization with core values that resonated with my own. They believe in the Norwegian scene, and are making significant investments in supporting the growth of the Norwegian industry. I have a ton of respect for what Apeks has accomplished so far, and I can’t wait to learn from them and assist their growth in areas where I have expertise.»
-Einar says.  

Einar has a long-standing career and merits within the esports industry that few can adorn themselves with. This gives him unique expertise that we are looking forward to adding to the company.

«I’ve spent 15 years working professionally with management and marketing through various roles in the creative industries, five of those working full-time in esports. At Freaks 4U Gaming and Team Liquid, I’ve been given some incredible opportunities to learn and help create some of the innovative products and services that have shaped the modern esports industry. In my new role leading Business Development for Apeks, I’ll be using my experience to complement their efforts and build new bridges. 

It all starts today! Come fall, we are putting more effort into business development, hence the hiring of Einar. He will be essential in this next step, as we are looking into new ways of bringing the company forward. 

«The Norwegian esports scene has seen many challenges since its inception. Despite this, we’ve also seen some amazing feats made by organizations, players, and enthusiasts. I’ve done some foolish things in my life, but I’m not foolish enough to think that this new job will be easy. I look forward to meeting with people from the Norwegian games industry and hope we can create some exciting new products and partnership opportunities. Success doesn’t come without the help of others, and I’m always happy to explore how we can help each other – please don’t hesitate to reach out at einar@apeks.gg. Big or small, I’m always up for a coffee or a call!»